You should have said so at that time.


Do you think the rainy season will set in early this year?

I have a problem urinating.

He has been to London three times.


You're probably right again.

We're going to another party after this one.

Rajiv has been avoiding Margie all day.

We heard the bomb go off.

The results were conclusive.

And does your son drive?

Malcolm reminded me to stop at the supermarket and buy some bread.

Sjouke didn't need to buy so much food.

Jeanne and Morton have always gotten along well with each other.


I don't know how much longer I'll be allowed to stay.

Robin stabbed Novorolsky with a hunting knife.

That big one is also mine.

They seemed to know what they were doing.

Either you or your friends are wrong.

I had to earn your trust.

Yaroslav likes New Zealand, a big country with a small population.

I always cry when we say goodbye.

Keep mum about this plan.

Accept it or not, this is a debatable view.

Appealing to the lowest common denominator is a failproof way to get sales or votes.

He gave witness to the truth of my statement.

Stop sending me e-mails about your Facebook status updates!

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Go get your hair cut.


I'm not sure I agree.


Like All Ball, this one doesn't have a tail.


All of the rules must be in line with company policy.

I knew you were going to say that.

We've taken a hit. Trivial damage.

I'm going to stay at your countryhouse for a couple of days, and I think you don't mind.

I'll do whatever I need to do.

Raymond's heart was filled with sorrow.

I know why Guido isn't here.

That kind of behavior has nothing to do with me.

That's not what I meant to say.


I need to ask you one more favor.

The phone is ringing.

This type of spider doesn't weave a web.

Next Thursday is a holiday.

Phill is deaf in the left ear.

I'm going on a date with my boyfriend today, so I've been in a very good mood since this morning.

When I see a rainbow in the sky, my heart flutters (with joy)


On July 1, 2013, Croatian became the twenty-fourth official language of the European Union.

Louiqa married Cathy.

The students are on vacation.

He came home early in order to see the children before they went to bed.

Every family has a skeleton in the closet.

What's that about?

I'm only doing this for your own good.

No one believed that.

I didn't tell you what he wrote in that letter.


Does anybody here know you?


How self-important you are!

Columbus argued that the earth was round.

"Can you cook?" - "Yes, I can. But I can't guarantee it'll taste good."


I wasn't on duty then.

I talk to her more than you do.

Nowadays jobs are hard to come by.


He is famous both at home and abroad.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

My best friend walked by and totally ignored me.

The donkey is braying.

Where is the mistake?

Triantaphyllos seems to be dependable.

Don't exaggerate.

You have to account for your absence.

You must make up for the loss.

I may not be able to go swimming with you this afternoon.

Bill may be watching this game at the stadium.

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She gave me her phone number.

The population is growing.

It seems that Louie has been very busy.

Dennis lives in a bad part of town.

Hector Skeleton was shaking and trembling in every limb.

Day began to break.

Jack knew he wasn't going to win the argument.

Daniel is afraid to leave his house.

With half an hour on this treadmill you'll work up a pretty good sweat.

He misses Boston.

I just wish I could contribute more money.

I'm here. Is there anybody home?

One book is thin. The other is thick. The thick one has about 200 pages.

If I were you, I would propose to her.

I won't do that. I'd rather die.

Has Mara already eaten?

Anatoly plans to go to Boston by himself.

Fertile soil is indispensable for a good harvest.

We don't know how to find him.

You can always text us.

You're big.

A boy having sold a cow at the fair at Hereford, was way-laid by a highwayman, who at a convenient place demanded the money; on this the boy took to his heels and ran away but being overtaken by the highwayman, who dismounted, he pulled the money out of his pocket and strewed it about, and while the highwayman was picking it up, the boy jumped upon the horse and rode home.

How is your life?

Steven is a health nut.

Jason did worse this year.

No one asks to be born.

The patient moved his lips slightly.


That's pretty normal.

Where are Roland's keys?

Dan shot Linda, killing her instantly.


This building is ancient.


They are still together.


We heard a loud explosion.

Will you meet our demands?

Can you translate English into Japanese?


The end is in sight.

Olof ate a hamburger.

Do you think we'll ever see Gene again?

You've got enough to worry about.

Damon turned to Dana for advice.

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

Besides attending the funeral, she needs to make all the arrangements.

You brought them here, didn't you?

If UFOs were to attack the earth, what would become of us?

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The performance began at 8:00.

The World Football Championship will take place in Kazan.

I don't really want anything to eat right now.

She ripped the letter to shreds.

You look sharp.

I appreciate what Rex did for me.

He gave us quite a lot of trouble.

I knew Celia would stop Sridhar.

His body showed every mark of his strength.

I promise I won't bite you.

It looks like some kind of air purifier.

There are no devils in this world.

You're better than him.

Even Hein didn't know the answer.

The small company was taken over by a large organization.

I feel guilty about it.

Wilson tried to kiss Miki, but she leaned back.

The medication should be administered topically.

Amos kicks a football with his left foot, but writes with his right hand.

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He warned me of the danger.


We'll have to double our budget for next year.


Remember to water the plants.

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Colin is probably right.

The annual migration of North America's monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon.

It is whispered that the Prime Minister is critically ill.

Don't do this again.

I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.


We wish Perry success.


The slippery snake slithered right out of his hand.

What kind of food do you like to eat?

I know how to keep my clothes on in public.

Don't swim.

Is this really the best place to be doing this?


She is a most beautiful lady.

That's the number one priority.

I can't stand losing her.

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The village needs your help.

It is an insult to her.

Lynne is very much alone.


I underestimated him.

Oh my god! I've killed a pregnant woman!

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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We respect each other.

What color are the tiles?

Roland is very ambitious, isn't he?

The worker is carrying sand with a shovel.

She went to the station to see him off.

Under no circumstances must you swim in the deep river!

Will you come back home soon?

They froze to death.

I like to take my pad and pencil and drive to the seashore to sketch.

By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

Jisheng took the seat across from Travis.